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Recruitment Process

1. Invite only: You must be recruited by a CT member, either in-game, or in any other form of communication.

2. In-game Tag: Once recruited, you may add the -=|CT|R|=- tag to the start of your in-game name; you will have to wear this tag for the minimum of two weeks before you get to wear the real thing. During this period the crew will review your playing ability, and how generally active you are gaming and on forums, etc. We are much more interested in your additude then your skill level on any particular game.

3. Initiation: When you've passed this period, you shall be informed by a Cut Throat that your trial period is over and the vote has begun. The CT members will hold a vote to see if you've proven yourself enough to be a full member. If you fail this vote, you will either have to a) stay on your recruitment period longer, or b) leave CT (if you've been very bad). A extension usually means we need a little more time to get to know you. It should be noted that we are a pretty nice bunch and haven't turned away many people over the years, so don't be intimidated, we probably won't eat you.

4. Success: You've been voted in, join the ranks of the elite as you now add the -=|CT|=- tag to the start of your name in any game we are playing, and start to enjoy CT life! At this time you will also be given special access on the forum; allowing you to see member-only news, strategies and discussions.


Recruitment Style: Select Recruitment

Our team has been together for a long time, and thus we regard ourselves as a family. Since we only bring the truly dedicated into the fold, if you are not related to the clan or its members through other forums, games, or personally, or have not been asked to join by another member, we will hold a poll within the members of CT to verify your recruitment rights. We are looking for mature, respectful members above skill level. If you are a friend of another member, have relation to our clan/community, have some connection to CT on any other forums or have been asked to join by a CT member, we would love to have you on the team. Please post your information in the following format:

-- Step one --

Make a topic in our 'Join Us' forum with some catchy title indicating you want to join. Copy the following into your thread:

In-Game Name:
Recruited By:
Steam Screen Name:
Competitive Games:
Clan History:
Additional Information:

Fill the information out as follows so that we can get to know you.

Name: Your first name. Real life name, we're a family here.
In-Game Name: Your nickname. Can be Charger, Fido, Douchebagx, etc.
Age: Your age. We don't mind younger members, as long as they act like older members.
Recruited By: Who recruited you, unless you're here on your own (for special circumstances, which does happen.)
Steam Screen Name: Essential for CT members.
Email: Email. It should have an @ symbol somewhere.
Timezone: For match information.
Competitive Games: What games you own that we can compete in.
Clan History: Any past clans/gaming organizations.
Additional Information: Stuff about you!

For example, a good recruitment post would read as follows:

Name: Joe Cutthroat
In-Game Name: FaceSlayer
Age: 20
Recruited By: Special Jimmy
Steam Screen Name: faceslayer9000
Timezone: PST, Pacific
Competitive Games: BF1942, WC1, TF2
Clan History: I was in a Warcraft clan once..
Additional Information: I AM BEAST...well, be more serious when you post your info. What you want us to know about you.

Click here for a direct link to the recruitment forum.

Requirements for Joining

We do not believe in strict rules within the Cut Throats. If you can handle yourself with maturity, keep yourself from causing confliction with other groups, and be an all around nice person, you have Cut Throat potential. We don't even require that you play the same games as us. The meaning of CT is to have a great time in whatever game or situation, so official games are not an issue. That being said, we do require a couple different programs:


Steam, the official chat program for the Cut Throats. This is essential if you wish to be a Cut Throat. We stay in contact with each other every day using Steam. You can download the latest version here-


We use Mumble daily when playing a game, match, or just to talk. If you don't have a mic, you can still use the program to listen to us talk, if we are in a match, this is important. It is HIGHLY recommended you do purchase a mic for your computer, though. You can download the latest version of Vent here-


Recruit Period

In order to bring in only the truly dedicated, we enforce a two week recruitment policy. At the end of your period, we will have a vote in the private section of our forums to determine whether or not you are admitted into the Cut Throats. During your recruitment period, you must get to know your team, play games with us, and become friends with your new community. When your vote is finished, you will be immediately notified. If you do not pass, you have the option to retry your two-week period. If (and most likely) you are accepted, you will be given access to our private forums, an optional free email off our site, moderator rights on our forums, and you may then wear the -=|CT|=- tag. At that point, welcome to the Cut Throat community.


Benefits and History of the Cut Throats

If you are a Cut Throat, you stand for a number of things. First, you are a member of a family. In CT, we work, fight and play as a unit. Teamwork and communications are two essential parts of the Cut Throat ideology when we are engaged competitively. The third part is Friendship - if one member of the family has a problem, we all have a problem. You will stand for team and fair play, you will stand for expanding the influence of your clan, and you will stand for the enjoyment of those affiliated with CT.

While we are a laid back, fun loving clan, we also have a long history of kicking people's asses. This is achieved not only by our attitude and will to win, but by the intense skill of our team. Don't get under the impression that since we don't care whether or not you are a skilled player to join the team, we don't care about winning. Stomping asses is a crucial part of the Cut Throat diet, and when the competition rolls around, we make our best efforts to roll the competition.

Lastly, you are joining into a pirate-style democracy here. If there is a problem, suggestion, proposition, or anything else and you are a Cut Throat, you will be heard. We value each member equally, for we all represent the same cause.
Messy Recipe:  the BAR-1918 always felt so good in that game
Messy Recipe:  I miss vanilla 1942 as much as Pirates... need to see if the Origin version (or even original) still has anyone playing sometime
Stealth:  Hello all! Head to the lounge and post a memory!
Stealth:  I saw a BF1942 fraps video of a guy jumping out of a plane and RPG'd another plane. I immediately came here for nostalgia. Miss you all.
Messy Recipe:  I've not tried Sea of Thieves... kinda was bummed to learn its servers don't allow many simultaneous players. gimme 32v32 galleon fights
Messy Recipe:  oh gosh I really need to automate the spambot removal instead of making myself do it by hand don't I -.-
Drunken Monkey:  merry Christmas you lot
[BB]Piccolo:  Anybody playing Sea of Thieves?
[BB]Piccolo:  I'm amazed I actually still knew my login. We Black Buccaneers certainly had a special relationship with you Cut Throats. Nothing like a fierce rivalry to make the battlefield exciting, eh? :)
Drunken Monkey:  we really do need to find some way to get back together some day some how

Messy Recipe:  well, it'll exist 'til I die or 'til I finally decide to upgrade it
Messy Recipe:  This place will exist 'til I die! I occasionally have to go thru & clean up spambots, but I made some changes in February that prevents the most likely ones to post from making it thru registration & I have a couple tools to ease killing off those that leak by
Drunken Monkey:  you are not alone stealth
JASC^:  Wow, this place still exists!!! Just when I thought everything was gone
Messy Recipe:  Just updated the registration CAPTCHA since Google disabled the text kind and requires the "not a robot" checkbox, also got a proper mailserver setup, so now people can at least register & reset passwords and stuff again!
The King Arthur Magic Sho:  Hi from all of Das