Butter my biscuit
Holy shit!


Backstory; a few weeks ago, a few of us got into a discussion about how good Sniper is (as we do) and decided to take it out back and do some 1v1 mid games. Well, enough people wanted to fight that it turned into a full on tourney that our very own Badman put a very sweet prize pool down for. It was so much fun that as a holiday event we want to do a for real one.

HONORABLE MENTION: Crunch won the first one and got tons of free shit.

Atatme and I will not be playing, we're gonna administrate this bitch. Also I would love it if someone would stream - if not, I will.

RULES are subject to change upon discussion, but are currently:

Event is a double-elimination bracket. We will use some random bracket generator shit to pair you all up.
Matches are best-out-of-three and proceed as follows:
- First to three kills takes a game
- First to destroy a tier 2 tower takes a game
- Any and all heroes and items are legal
- Each player submits their hero choice to an admin before the game starts to avoid counterpicking
- Once a game has finished, players switch hero choices, unless they both agree to do the same matchup, or choose new heroes
- In the case of a third game, both players use the heroes they won with, unless they agree upon something different

Current Prize Pool:

50 Steam Marketplace dollars.

Though we highly encourage to get with the program and sweeten the pot a bit!

Note all this shit is entirely up for discussion, change, whatever. Dwol and I don't care we just want this to be awesome.

Please keep signups out of this thread, there is a signup thread here! And that being said, lets discuss this shit!
Midsummer's Cleaning
Oh hello everyone!


How is everyone's summer going? That's probably a redundant question as most of us talk just about every day, but regardless it seemed like something nice to start this shit out on. There has been lots of things going on lately so I figured we all could benefit from another semi-annual news post.

Firstly we have a new Minecraft server. It supports 10 players at a time and we will be building all sorts of awesome shit on it, including monuments of ourselves and BFP maps. Head over to the new official Minecraft Forum to talk about it and vote on what map we will be using!

It has gone without a news post thus far that our in-house competitive TF2 team the Cut-Throat Crew has competed in two seasons of TF2 Highlander events with the UGC Leauge. Huge props to those guys for not only showing up for weekly matches and very frequent practices, but actually winning their division in Highlander Season 6 and placing 18th at 6 wins and 2 losses in the summer games! As a sub for that team I will tell you that it's a ton of fun and we really do crush the fuck out of people so anyone who wants in please talk to Atatme, Barytaq or Eugene about getting involved for the fall season. Here is a link to the team's UGC page where our glorious record and team list can be found. CTC is one of the up and coming teams in the UGC Leauge, go be a part of it!

With the addition of the Minecraft server we are up to about 80 dollars a month in expenditures to keep this server train moving. Huge thanks to Erwin and Nugget for their big donations of late. With Massive's help we will be putting some ads on the site soon to help pay the bills so we're not so reliant on donations. Thanks a ton everyone for helping keep this stuff paid for.

I would also like to note that there's been a change in site ownership as of late. I have owned since it's inception three years ago, but we have transferred ownership over to Casey (messy recipe,) so he is our new owner as well as webmaster. I will be putting up a new framework soon for our in-house game development company, Plundersoft. Huzzah!

Also, our roster, server info, etc has been updated. Sorry it took so long, I never remember to do that shit. That's all and god damn am I official sounding! Happy August 7th everyone, it only comes once a year.
State of the Ship :: 1/12
It's that time again!


What a great year for the mighty Cut Throats. We've fully settled into the world of Team Fortress 2 and gained many new and old faces as members of our crew. A quick explanation of what's going on for the new guys; once a year on the first of the new year, one of us puts together a news post going over the year's events and accomplishments. We talk about our triumphs and struggles, and what lies ahead for our determined bunch. In the past it's always been more of a singular voice singing the praises of the year, but this time around I'd like to propose a change in the way the SoTS works. Let's all contribute towards it this year! As you read this, think about what your favorite moments in CT were this year, and what you would like to see happen in the future.

The most notable event for us Cut Throats this year was definitely the launch of Cut Throat Bay, our very own TF2 servers. We had been active in the Egypt community for quite some time, making friends and enemies along the way (true CT fashion,) but eventually it became clear that we needed our own space to plunder the public. It might have had a little bit to do with the whole clan being banned from the [MiT] Egypt server for being too rowdy, but regardless; a Cut Throat server would not only allow us to play the way we like to play, but expand the CT community while doing so. Indeed, this was the exact course of action that would take place. We've made lots of new friends since the induction of Cut Throat Bay, gained trusted new members, and saw a huge revival in team play. We even played some in-house matches and secured a victory over some opponents, our friends the DAS clan in Highlander. Now we're running two public servers with dedicated communities, tracking over 46,000 players since the first Egypt server launched. Quite impressive!

Every year I like to make a few comments on our in-house production since 2009, now titled Avast. This year marked major development on the game. Every aspect of conceptual design is now long since behind us and we are moving forward completing the assets that make up the BFP revival that is Avast. Ben (Vlad Piranha,) has completed every aspect of character related art, a task that is truly a sight to behold. Not only has he completed every character model and 90% of the weapons featured in the game, he is steadily churning out the 3D assets to our revamped designs for classic BFP maps such as Cut Throat Creek and Frylar.


In the past, all Cut Throat developments have been labeled under our in-house 'studio' known as Cut Throats Interactive. This was mainly a title used to put our web layouts, graphic design projects, mod projects, etc. under one banner. While we still plan on keeping CTI around for clan-related projects, a real company is ready to come out of CT. This company is Plundersoft LLC,


This studio is owned by Ben and myself, and will be the studio by which we plan to ship Avast through and grow from there. We've been doing research all year long on the business end of getting this thing off the ground, and I'm glad to say we are now in a position to make it happen. Soon a website for the company and game will launch and we'll start churning out production-quality media, talking to news outlets such as, IGN, Gamespot and the likes, and beginning to form a fanbase around this new game. We have a couple hires to make here in the next few weeks to get Ben's amazing art animated and running around (goodbye Blockbeard!) Once that is done, we're ready to start producing youtube trailers and getting the game some exposure.

Soon, I will be putting together a testing group to do weekly or bi-weekly tests with the new game. If we nail this, we may see the return of true pirate gaming. Help us nail this! It could be big.

A few more things I'd like to bring up regarding the future. We have a list of things that need to happen with our TF2 servers, most notably reserved slots for admins, replays, and some other minor server additions. The server renews between the 10th and the 13th, so before it is renewed under the same plan, I will have these upgrades put into effect. Everyone has been extremely generous with donations and patient with getting the server upgraded to everyone's liking; thank you so much. It's a busy world for all of us but these things have been in the works for a few months now and it's time they were completed. We are still in the dark in a few areas; especially when it comes to getting the Egypt server exploit-free. Any help on the subject of implementing the map change we have produced would be awesome! If anyone has knowledge to share, please talk to our man with the plan, 1/8th of weed. Again; thanks for your donations! Let's keep the servers rolling like they have been through 2012.

Many of the Cut Throats that have been around since their high school years are starting to graduate from college. We have new younger members finishing up high school or starting school, and we have guys and girls still working on finishing school, long since passed the days of taking classes, or just living the dream. It makes me proud that all these years later, our members are still constantly supporting each other with our projects, failures and achievements. Remember, while we are firmly planted in the world of gaming, the whole point of this is the form and function of a community. CT is the best example of a true community I have ever witnessed as the people within this group are always willing to help each other and better our friends and ourselves through words and actions. There is such a wealth of knowledge on so many subjects within these php-driven walls, always know you will find help in CT if you ask for it.

Happy new year fuckers! Let's hope those Mayans we're wrong and this isn't the last year for us all. If it is, I'm sure the Cut Throats will be happily terrorizing the public on servers abroad in the afterlife. So what are your favorite moments of this year in CT? What would you like to see happen now?
Hirmuinen:  Theme Hospital free on Origin atm.
Draco:  Looked at old handles I had...I can't remember when I was -=|CT|=- Steak
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tru.pairadocs:  The only thing that could make summer sale better:

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Draco:  That's not the problem with it. The positive effect is TERRIBLE! You move at 27% speed while charging
tru.pairadocs:  Yea, no quick scoping
Draco:  The new Sniper Rifle looked like it was going to take my breath away..Instead it's absolutely awful T_T
tru.pairadocs:  I love lamp
Hirmuinen:  what is this. Sniper Elite 2 for free on Steam.
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