It's 2021 and here we are
Hi old friends!

This website is still here! I suppose we are kind of still here!

I don't have a purpose for asking Casey to reset my password (forgot it x amount of years ago) and post other than to say hello. Many of us were kids when we started this, and who knows what we're all up to now. In all these years, nobody has still quite recaptured the glory that was our favorite old mod, and the things you could do. Myself and other really talented dudes tried a couple times to rebuild it, turns out that's really hard. Still it stands that those times existed where we crewed virtual ships in one of the coolest video games ever.

How the fuck are you guys, if anyone sees this? If you can, round up those old Cut Throats and see if we can't catch up here. CT was a meaningful crew at one point in our lives for most, I'm sure. What are all you guys and gals doing.

The soft parade has now begun. Listen to the engines hum. People out to have some fun.

Cobra on my left, leopard on my right.

Out of sight!

The light is getting brighter. Closer to the top. And theres still a few, avenues, left out in the dark.


Butter my biscuit
Holy shit!


Backstory; a few weeks ago, a few of us got into a discussion about how good Sniper is (as we do) and decided to take it out back and do some 1v1 mid games. Well, enough people wanted to fight that it turned into a full on tourney that our very own Badman put a very sweet prize pool down for. It was so much fun that as a holiday event we want to do a for real one.

HONORABLE MENTION: Crunch won the first one and got tons of free shit.

Atatme and I will not be playing, we're gonna administrate this bitch. Also I would love it if someone would stream - if not, I will.

RULES are subject to change upon discussion, but are currently:

Event is a double-elimination bracket. We will use some random bracket generator shit to pair you all up.
Matches are best-out-of-three and proceed as follows:
- First to three kills takes a game
- First to destroy a tier 2 tower takes a game
- Any and all heroes and items are legal
- Each player submits their hero choice to an admin before the game starts to avoid counterpicking
- Once a game has finished, players switch hero choices, unless they both agree to do the same matchup, or choose new heroes
- In the case of a third game, both players use the heroes they won with, unless they agree upon something different

Current Prize Pool:

50 Steam Marketplace dollars.

Though we highly encourage to get with the program and sweeten the pot a bit!

Note all this shit is entirely up for discussion, change, whatever. Dwol and I don't care we just want this to be awesome.

Please keep signups out of this thread, there is a signup thread here! And that being said, lets discuss this shit!
Messy Recipe:  deleted all the last couple years worth of bots & managed to preserve the two real people that have posted since then xD

so many DELETED spam posts now tho that I think I'll need to automate cleaning those moreso than i already have

Messy Recipe:  sry about the bots :( been busy & havent gotten round to doing the usual cleanup

need to prolly stick this behind cloudflare or something

Drunken Monkey:  doing well, been building a hobby ranch of my own, got married, no kids, only dogs, sheep and a horse

Comradekil:  so anyway, i wonder how everyone's lives all progressed.. who's in jail? who's grandparents now.. ha life
Drunken Monkey:  and yes....i do miss 1942 aswell, i honestly think it is what drove me to get a M1 garand in real live, and is still my most used rifle
Drunken Monkey:  bots are getting silly
Comradekil:  Sup dudes
Messy Recipe:  the BAR-1918 always felt so good in that game
Messy Recipe:  I miss vanilla 1942 as much as Pirates... need to see if the Origin version (or even original) still has anyone playing sometime
Stealth:  Hello all! Head to the lounge and post a memory!
Stealth:  I saw a BF1942 fraps video of a guy jumping out of a plane and RPG'd another plane. I immediately came here for nostalgia. Miss you all.
Messy Recipe:  I've not tried Sea of Thieves... kinda was bummed to learn its servers don't allow many simultaneous players. gimme 32v32 galleon fights
Messy Recipe:  oh gosh I really need to automate the spambot removal instead of making myself do it by hand don't I -.-
Drunken Monkey:  merry Christmas you lot
[BB]Piccolo:  Anybody playing Sea of Thieves?
[BB]Piccolo:  I'm amazed I actually still knew my login. We Black Buccaneers certainly had a special relationship with you Cut Throats. Nothing like a fierce rivalry to make the battlefield exciting, eh? :)