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Midsummer's Cleaning

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Stealth's Wench
Stealth's Wench

Joined: 14 Mar 2005
Location: Scurvy Cove
PostPosted: Tue Aug 07, 2012 11:10 pm 
Post subject: Midsummer's Cleaning
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Oh hello everyone!

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How is everyone's summer going? That's probably a redundant question as most of us talk just about every day, but regardless it seemed like something nice to start this shit out on. There has been lots of things going on lately so I figured we all could benefit from another semi-annual news post.

Firstly we have a new Minecraft server. It supports 10 players at a time and we will be building all sorts of awesome shit on it, including monuments of ourselves and BFP maps. Head over to the new official Minecraft Forum to talk about it and vote on what map we will be using!

It has gone without a news post thus far that our in-house competitive TF2 team the Cut-Throat Crew has competed in two seasons of TF2 Highlander events with the UGC Leauge. Huge props to those guys for not only showing up for weekly matches and very frequent practices, but actually winning their division in Highlander Season 6 and placing 18th at 6 wins and 2 losses in the summer games! As a sub for that team I will tell you that it's a ton of fun and we really do crush the fuck out of people so anyone who wants in please talk to Atatme, Barytaq or Eugene about getting involved for the fall season. Here is a link to the team's UGC page where our glorious record and team list can be found. CTC is one of the up and coming teams in the UGC Leauge, go be a part of it!

With the addition of the Minecraft server we are up to about 80 dollars a month in expenditures to keep this server train moving. Huge thanks to Erwin and Nugget for their big donations of late. With Massive's help we will be putting some ads on the site soon to help pay the bills so we're not so reliant on donations. Thanks a ton everyone for helping keep this stuff paid for.

I would also like to note that there's been a change in site ownership as of late. I have owned since it's inception three years ago, but we have transferred ownership over to Casey (messy recipe,) so he is our new owner as well as webmaster. I will be putting up a new framework soon for our in-house game development company, Plundersoft. Huzzah!

Also, our roster, server info, etc has been updated. Sorry it took so long, I never remember to do that shit. That's all and god damn am I official sounding! Happy August 7th everyone, it only comes once a year.
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PostPosted: Mon Sep 04, 2023 6:41 am 
Post subject: Rob Paravonian RITALIN
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Messy Recipe:  deleted all the last couple years worth of bots & managed to preserve the two real people that have posted since then xD

so many DELETED spam posts now tho that I think I'll need to automate cleaning those moreso than i already have

Messy Recipe:  sry about the bots :( been busy & havent gotten round to doing the usual cleanup

need to prolly stick this behind cloudflare or something

Drunken Monkey:  doing well, been building a hobby ranch of my own, got married, no kids, only dogs, sheep and a horse

Comradekil:  so anyway, i wonder how everyone's lives all progressed.. who's in jail? who's grandparents now.. ha life
Drunken Monkey:  and yes....i do miss 1942 aswell, i honestly think it is what drove me to get a M1 garand in real live, and is still my most used rifle
Drunken Monkey:  bots are getting silly
Comradekil:  Sup dudes
Messy Recipe:  the BAR-1918 always felt so good in that game
Messy Recipe:  I miss vanilla 1942 as much as Pirates... need to see if the Origin version (or even original) still has anyone playing sometime
Stealth:  Hello all! Head to the lounge and post a memory!
Stealth:  I saw a BF1942 fraps video of a guy jumping out of a plane and RPG'd another plane. I immediately came here for nostalgia. Miss you all.
Messy Recipe:  I've not tried Sea of Thieves... kinda was bummed to learn its servers don't allow many simultaneous players. gimme 32v32 galleon fights
Messy Recipe:  oh gosh I really need to automate the spambot removal instead of making myself do it by hand don't I -.-
Drunken Monkey:  merry Christmas you lot
[BB]Piccolo:  Anybody playing Sea of Thieves?
[BB]Piccolo:  I'm amazed I actually still knew my login. We Black Buccaneers certainly had a special relationship with you Cut Throats. Nothing like a fierce rivalry to make the battlefield exciting, eh? :)